Woong Kim

Chief Research Officer


  • Molecular Cell. Systematic and quantitative assessment of the ubiquitin modified proteome. 2011
  • Molecular Cell. Yos9p detects and targets misfolded glycoproteins for ER-associated
    Degradation. 2005

"Search and research, do what is right to find the answer."

Dr. Woong Kim has obtained his BS degree at University of
Rochester, earned a PhD at Pennsylvania State University, and
continued pursuing his research for many years at Harvard Medical
School as a Research Fellow. In his role as Proteomics Core Lead
at QALE Healthcare, Woong serves to advance the research and
development and scientific strategy. He joined Steven Gygi’s lab
at Harvard Medical School where he combined biochemical and
proteomics technologies in deciphering protein quality control
mechanisms. He has led proteomics research in startup companies
in the San Francisco Bay area leading biomarker discovery in ageing
research and brings further proteomics expertise from his time in
Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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