About us

DAV Bingo is a collective of non-profit organizations.

Since 1993, we have supported the youth, disabled veterans, athletes & Oregonians through your support.

We continue to grow and provide life-changing impact!

Our friendly staffs ensures you'll have a great time during your visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer competitive pricing for our players, each Regular packet can run as low as $2 while, T-UP (Speed Bingo) costs $5 per packet.


To take a chance towards our many Progressive Jackpot pools, please add $1 for each try.

We offer exceptional cash winnings and prizes. You can crack a lot more potential winnings by including a Jackpot Ball during your Regular Packet purchase.


We have multiple progressive jackpot pools that pay up to $2,500!

BUY-INs starts 30 minutes prior to the session.


We advise out players to arrive earlier before the sessions start, in order to, BUY-IN and get seated for the games.

Make sure you have your State ID for winnings above $100 and under $1,200.


For any winnings above $1,200 our staff will require a social security card as well.


If you didn't have either required documents, we will provide a 30 day window for winners to claim their prize.

Yes! We offer disabled parking spaces and easy-to-access entrance. We can also lend wheelchairs for any player with the needs.

We have a lottery machine room, a full-kitchen snack bar & ticket games that lead to various prizes!